Cost of car insurance in America

Cost of car insurance in America

Cost of car insurance in America – Prices vary according to the state, companies, car type, and also according to the legal tax rate. Here is this table that presents the average car insurance rates in America in each state.

Cost of car insurance in America
It will give you financial and legal coverage if you injure or kill someone while driving your car; The insurance company employee will provide you with a series of numbers representing the amount of coverage, ranging from the smallest coverage of $5,000 to the largest coverage of $500,000.

Cost of car insurance in America The more coverage you purchase, the more you will pay an insurance company; This applies to the types of coverage below, with a slight difference in the minimum and maximum prices.

To cover the expenses of medicines for injured passengers and the driver in your car, as well as if you were injured by a car when you were on foot.

It means car insurance in the event of a collision with another car whose owner does not have insurance; This case applies to incidents in which the other party flees from the scene of the accident; Then he is considered as a driver without insurance or coverage

Coverage for repairing your car in case of damages other than a collision; as theft; fire; floods; Animals falling from a pole or tree.

Collision coverage
Cost of car insurance in America Financial and legal coverage in the event of a collision, whether with an object or with another car, whether it was your fault or the fault of the other driver. But you must take into consideration that this type is limited to the financial value of the car in the market; Therefore, it is advised to cancel this coverage if it is a very old car.

Property damage liability
When you collide with the property of others or with another car, and it was your fault, this type of coverage will protect you legally and pay you the fees and repairs

In addition to the above types of coverage, there are other services that insurance companies can offer you to add to the above list; Among these services we mention:

Emergency Road Service
Help you if your car has a mechanical breakdown on the road.

Rental Reimbursement
If your car is broken down, or if you are in the car repair business after a traffic accident, then this service, if you subscribe to it, will give you a free rental car until your car is repaired.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
Coverage for mechanical damage to the car. There are some other words that you may hear or read about car insurance, including:

or deduction, which means how much you will pay from your own money; For example, I bought a specific coverage, for example, a collision coverage of $25,000,000 for each accident; In return, I chose $500 as a Deductible.

Cost of car insurance in America means that the insurance company will pay you or the driver of the other car up to 25,000 thousand dollars, depending on the type of loss resulting from the collision, and deduct from it 500 dollars as a contribution from you in the costs of repair.

Tips and advice for securing your car
When insuring, try to pay for a full year or at least six months, which is better than paying every month.
For example, the insurance costs in the case of paying for a full year will be estimated at only $700.
If you pay every month, the costs will be $850 to $900!
Beware of consuming alcohol while driving, because here the penalty is heavy, as you may pay a very high fine, and you may go to prison, and the insurance will certainly be withdrawn, and the car may be impounded, and other problems that you do not need.
Search for the cheapest insurance company in your state of residence via the Internet, then choose the offer that suits you.