Car insurance in America

Car insurance in America

Car insurance in America – the beginning of car insurance is very necessary in America and you cannot drive a car in America without an insurance certificate, and you should know that the traffic police in the United States of America do not tolerate this matter at all.

You will always find them recruited in patrols and monitoring cars, and if he happens to stop your car for any reason, he will ask you directly about the car documents, and if he finds out that your car is not insured or that you did not insure the car, he will immediately impound your car and it will cost you a very large fine to retrieve and secure it. So no You must insure your car in any case.

Car insurance in America
In order to drive a car in America, three conditions must be met:
driving license.
Vehicle registration.
car insurance.

The price of Car insurance in America
The most important thing in car insurance, which is our topic today, is the price or cost of insurance, as the latter varies according to the country, according to the type of car, and also according to the insurance company, and there are other factors that affect the price of insurance, which are:
The history of driving in America: The older you are in driving, i.e. you have been driving for a long time in America, the cheaper the insurance price and vice versa.
Car type: Is the car a 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder? The larger the cylinder, the faster the car, and thus the probability of an accident is greater, and therefore the insurance price will be higher.
Age or age: According to American law, those under the age of 30 will pay a higher car insurance rate than those over the age of 30, and this is for a good reason, which is that usually young people under 30 are usually reckless in driving.
Car acquisition date: The older the car’s history, the lower the insurance price. For example, if the car’s 2007 date is better than 2014, and so on.

Types of Car insurance in America
There are two types of car insurance in America:

One party insurance
It means partial coverage, which is insurance for the car of the person you hit, that is, if you cause an accident and hit another person’s car or hit a pedestrian, the costs of compensation that you must provide to the injured person will be paid on your behalf by the party that insured your car, either in the event that someone hits you or If you are shocked, this type of insurance does not offer you any compensation in this case.

Insurance on both sides
It means comprehensive coverage, and in this type you will be insured and also the person with whom the accident occurs (meaning you and the victim) will be insured. Both of you will be insured, and here the insurance price will, of course, be greater than the first type.

Note: When you buy a new car, you will always be charged the second type, full coverage, because it is the safest and safest, and it is the most expensive.

How secure your car in America?
Now that you know the types of insurance, you can choose between the type that suits you according to the costs and the condition and type of your car. In order to do the insurance, you will simply go to any car insurance company and ask them to insure your car, and they will provide you with a form, just fill it out according to what suits you, and congratulations on your car insurance.

The most famous Car insurance companies in America
This is a list that includes the websites of some car insurance companies in America that you can visit and get more details: